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Gemini Adhesive

Gemini Adhesive

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Low Fumes, Medium Viscosity .05-1sec drying time 

Gemini! I know what you’re thinking, is this glue right for me? Well… what is your room levels at? If you don’t know, I highly suggest you grab a hygrometer! :) Depending on your room temperature and your humidity (RH%) if it matches to the one on this adhesive, then it’s perfect for you! Your levels should be room humidity which is about 68-75% Fahrenheit & your RH% must be between 45-65% for this adhesive to successfully work in .05-1seconds. If Gemini is used outside of recommended humidity, adhesive can get tacky or dry slower. Unopened shelf life no longer than 3 months, 4 weeks after opening should be properly disposed of. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. I hope this helps! :)


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